Our Services

From engine oils to industrial greases and everything in between, we have lubricants available in package sizes ranging from cases, kegs, pails, drums, totes, and even bulk ready to be delivered to your location. Our highly trained sales personnel are here to help you with all your lubricant questions and needs.
Many of our customers have operations that rely heavily on properly operating equipment. These industrial and construction operations include mining, logging, and other large vehicle fleets and heavy equipment. Maintenance of this equipment is a vital to their business.  RK Allen Oil has a Certified CLS on staff that specializes in this area and can assist you with all of your maintenance upkeep.
Our highly trained sales team can cross reference the lubricants you are currently using to a product carried by RK Allen Oil.  We offer multiple products that can be used as equivalents for your current lubricants.
Oil analysis is one of the most important components of a successful contamination control effort as well as a vital tool designed to aid in understanding how your lubricants affect the performance of your equipment.  Our trained personal will pull and send samples for analysis or work on-site to train your team to do so. We will then follow up to help you and your team interpret the results and make recommendations regarding how to address any issues. RK Allen Oil will help you every step of the way. 
Oil never loses its lubricating properties. It calls for the removal of solid contaminants, water, and re-blending of additives. Clean, dry oil is crucial for lubricant and component life in critical wear parts found throughout hydraulic and rotational equipment.  Through proper oil filtration and dehydration, our customers can save on product cost, improve company’s environmental efforts, and significantly extend the life of their equipment.  RK Allen Oil can provide you with these services with our two mobile filtration and dehydration systems on-site or at our facility.
Do you want to lower inventory costs, develop a world-class maintenance program, or improve oil storage and handling?  Participating in a Lube Survey from RK Allen Oil can help you achieve all of these.  We have a certified CLS on staff to conduct your survey and make recommendations based off the results.